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The buam series is Studio Rieul’s first lineup, created by considering the characteristics of 3D printing and designing forms that fit well in modern spaces.

About the light

Material: PLA Filament
Operation: 220V port (standard 2-pin plug)
Light: Switch to turn on/off, no dimming


A partnership with Studio Rieul

Studio Rieul is a design studio that focuses on reimagining traditional Korean culture through modern design. Their goal is to encourage sustainable living through quality, innovative design, and made possible through sophisticated printing techniques and eco-friendly material. A direction we’re exploring together, in light of better sustainable living. Studio Rieul pursues a unique style that is inspired by traditional Korean culture to create a harmony of tradition and modernity, offering both unique beauty and practicality.

Eden Living is proud to be their first and exclusive partner in Asia,
right here in Singapore.