Abstract Art | "Buttercream Cakes"

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Wildflower Culture

Like wildflowers, Carissa hopes her intuitive abstract artworks express the courage to bloom with confidence, while being deeply rooted in a culture that values thriving over striving, and progress over perfection.

Restful living has always been at the heart of Wildflower Culture and Eden Living. This collaboration aims to channel the true art of slow living – of finding unshakable peace amidst the rocky pressures of this world, learning to embrace a slower rhythm and celebrating all the beautiful milestones in between.


Deliciously textured “buttercream cakes” served in pine wood, little treats for the eye and soul. May these sweet flavours remind you of life’s little joys found in rhythms of rest. Hang them on the wall, or display them on your favourite shelf/desk/cabinet. 

12.5cm x 12.5cm, acrylics on canvas, professionally framed.

Earl Grey - Soft grey meets beige, lightly textured with creamy chocolate and gold.
Lemon Mint - Mint and soft yellow with light smears of sweet pink.
Caramel Mocha - Creamy browns blend with beige, gold and milky white. 
Toffee Nut - A delicious mix of browns and creams, lightly texture with white and gold.
Honey Hojicha - Soft honey and deep hojicha hues, lightly frosted with french grey and gold.
Salted Caramel - Buttery yellow and rich caramel tones, lightly frosted with honey, rose and gold.