'Find Rest in Everyday' Letterpress Card

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 Letters & Olives

At Letters & Olives, we strive to bring you the allure and warmth of handcrafted stationery in a contemporary world. We believe in stationery being more than just words on paper; we see them as timeless, personal and intentional artifacts, meaningfully created by bringing hearts, heads and hands together. Our collections are an invitation to you - to come on a journey of slowing down to create something heartfelt and personal, to savour not just life's grander occasions, but also the simpler, quieter moments and the people who matter.


This card was thoughtfully designed as an invitation and reminder to find moments of rest within the ebb and flow of life's circumstances, akin to leaves floating with the currents of a gentle stream. This imagery is also often used as a technique in therapeutic interventions to encourage one to take a step back and observe one's thoughts and emotions to cope with emotional discomfort.

The elements of this card (its illustration, quote, colours, printing method and materials) purposefully marry Eden Living's commitment to restful living and love for the calming waves of an ocean, with the botanical, romantic and handcrafted stationery of Letters & Olives.

Printed on 300gsm handmade 100% cotton rag paper with a natural feathery deckle edge, using letterpress printing, a vintage printing method where mechanical presses are manually operated to produce beautiful tactile impressions on paper from embossed plates.