White Light Bar | Small

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A limited edition piece, this classic light bar is made in powdered steel and is available in two shades of white:

JUST WHITE (for a perfectly white aesthetic and a cool-toned home)
WARM WHITE (for white walls that aren’t true white or a warm-toned home)

Only available in small, for touch only. We're working on the large light bar in white, so stay with us. Please refer to the photographs for a colour comparison. Do note that we do our best to represent the colours digitally, so purchases made are based on your own discretion.


The Light Bar (Small)

This light bar, created to light up your everyday experience, is a fun and thoughtfully made addition to your home. The light bar comes in two sizes and is equipped with either a touch or motion sensor. 

Easily bring light around your home. Each light bar comes with a magnetic strip backed by a 3M adhesive, for no-drill installation onto any surface (you can add-on another magnetic strip to use the light at multiple locations).

Snap it on facing up, down or any way you like, place it freestanding on your table, or onto a naturally magnetic surface (like the refrigerator).

Tap to activate, dimmable

Material: Powdered Steel, Acrylic
Dimensions: 10.5 x 4 x 3.2cm
Net Weight: 80g
Lightspan: 10 - 18 hours on a full charge


A partnership with Design Studio Rising

Our flagship collection is collectively designed by Eden Living & Design Studio Rising (dRising), a family design studio based in South Korea. Founded by a couple in 2014, dRising's designs incorporate tiny, fun elements that add surprise to the mediocrity of everyday life.

Eden Living is proud to be their first and exclusive partner in Asia,
right here in Singapore.