Our Story

Eden Living was founded when Cassandra wanted to pursue what she valued in life, and to embrace what she enjoys in the here and now.

Amidst conflicting calls to 'live your best life' yet 'embrace slow living', it got her thinking about what living a meaningful life could look like, even when it is uncertain what the future holds. She hopes that Eden Living can hold space for all of us, wherever we may be in our own journeys.


Eden Living documents our journey towards restful living - a deep sense of contentment amidst uncertainty,
and quiet reassurance through the everyday moments, tougher months and grander seasons in life.


We partner with artists around the world who offer unique insight into restful living through their practice.


Together, let's learn how to embrace the present in its highs and lows, 
find joy amidst daily striving, and not be anxious about what is to come - 
for everything is made beautiful in its time. 

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Partner Studios


Founded by a husband-and-wife duo in Yangpyeong, South Korea in 2014, Design Studio Rising (dRising) is home to an eclectic collection of minimalist decor and interior furnishings, designed to inject small, fun elements in contrast to the mediocrity of everyday life. Their collections are made with solid wood species native to South Korea, inspired by the nature around them. Eden Living is proud to be the first and only international design partner, here in Singapore, where we co-design our collection of lamps and home decor.


Coming soon.