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An independent artist and designer who reflects upon the quiet moments in nature, the relationship between art and the value given by society through art. In a profit and productivity driven society, Hwee Chieh often ponders about: "What are we busy for?"

In this upcoming visual series, Hchiehart and Eden Living took a deep dive to explore what "restful living" means. We believe moments. These moments may come in waves of uncertainty and fear; scary as it sounds because it can be. Yet, it is a very much needed ingredient for growth and clarity.


"Beginning" is inspired by the lovely places where Eden Living began. Featuring Jeju island's seaside through the circular window, it is created with the intention to relate closely to Eden Living's logo. Created with pen and colour pencils on 100% handmade paper, "Beginning" is a visual idea of peace, beauty and companionship.

"Restful" is inspired by the occasional waves of uncertainty that rushes in as we navigate life. It explores an alternate way of visualising "restful living". Perhaps "restful living" is some time alone, seeing the steps we have taken and what tomorrow holds even when we are too scared to think about it. Created digitally, "Restful" is a visual idea of a reflective moment that albeit uncertain and messy, can be a form of "restful living".

Printed on sugarcane waste paper, 350gsm