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The Mirror

The mirror is made of a small hemispherical tree and curved hand mirror. The magnet found in the mirror interacts with the steel holder so that the mirror can be adjusted at various angles. It fits comfortably in your palm when you want to hold it up, or have it by your desk as an accessory.

Additional Information

Each piece is crafted from wood by hand, and will have natural variations in wood grain. 

Material: Cherry Wood, Steel, Magnet
Dimensions: 7cm
Net Weight: 80g

A partnership with Design Studio Rising

Our flagship collection is collectively designed by Eden Living & Design Studio Rising (dRising), a family design studio based in South Korea. Founded by a couple in 2014, dRising's designs incorporate tiny, fun elements that add surprise to the mediocrity of everyday life.

Eden Living is proud to be their first and exclusive partner in Asia,
right here in Singapore.